Narrow lash fans or wide lash fans?

Narrow lash fans or wide lash fans?

Which lash extensions should you choose to serve your clients the best—narrow fans lashes or wide fans?If you are a fan of lash extensions, premade fan lashes must be a familiar name thanks to their convenience and versatility. But do you know that not everyone suits every type of premade fan lashes?

Choosing premade fan lash extensions requires putting a lot into consideration, from curls and lengths to thicknesses… and, most importantly, the width of the fan lash base. This blog will help you get a clearer understanding of the two lash types: narrow fans lashes and wide fans.


1. Wide lash fans

As the name suggests, wide fans lashes have a wide base, and usually, they are short-stem lashes. This lash type is specifically designed for those who have sparse natural lashes, as it could fill in the gaps to make your lashes look fuller. In addition, the width of the fan base leads to a lack of neatness and direction, therefore giving a more textured look.

In short, if you have naturally sparse lashes and want them to look fuller and fluffier, wide lash fans could be your savior.


2. Narrow fans lashes 

Compared to wide lash fans, narrow fans lashes are narrower and have long lash stems. This type is suitable for those who are luckily blessed with a lot of natural lashes but want a more voluminous and dramatic lash look. Wide lash fans, in this case, might not be applicable, as they could make your lashes look messy and uneven. 

To some extent, narrow fans lashes have more advantages over wide ones. First, higher density means your lashes appear darker. Moreover, narrow stems make the top line neater and more uniformed. 

Let’s imagine a premade lash fan with three lashes. If the fan base is wide and the lash stem is short, the bonding area to the natural lashes is obviously smaller than that with a narrower fan base and longer stem. This means narrow fans lashes will stick better with a long-lasting retention time. 

Where to buy these 2 types of premade fans?

The products of the eyelash extension industry are constantly developed and diversified to meet the changing needs of clients. On the wholesale market, you can easily find a premade fan lash supplier and get them to your place in just a few days. What really matters is how to choose a supplier with a good reputation who provides quality and safe products. 

ViViBelle Lash has been a leading eyelash extension wholesale manufacturer for many years. With high-quality raw materials for production imported directly from Korea, cruelty-free and eco-friendly, we have constantly developed our products to meet the changing requirements of our clients. Understanding that narrow premade fan lashes are in growing demand, we have worked hard to develop this lash type, which might suit your need.

Our Super Premade narrow fans lashes key features: 

  • Approx 500-700 fans/tray
  • Pointy base creates natural and seamless look, making it easier to work with and better retention
  • Fans are symmetrical, making a perfect and uniformed look
  • 100% vegan and made from high-quality Korean PBT fiber
  • Numbers of fan will vary depending on fan’s dimension
  • Customize dimensions (3D-16D)
  • Available curls (J, B, C, CC D DD) and thicknesses (0.03, 0.04, 0.05, 0.06, 0.07, 0.085)
  • Available in single-length and mixed-length in both classic and big tray

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