Why you should choose Brown Eyelash Extensions

You might have known that colored lashes can work on enhancing the beauty of your client’s eyes and satisfy your client’s different needs on special occasions such as night parties or costume parties. Brown lashes are no exception. Brown eyelash extensions are undoubtedly perfect for clients who desire to emphasize the beauty and expressiveness of their eyes on a daily basis because they cannot let go of the natural lash look. There is a growing demand in brown lash extensions for many good reasons and our article today will show you why brown lashes are trendy in the world of eyelash extensions

1.Brown eyelash extensions make a balance to

match your client’s hair and skin tones

It is an undeniable truth that brown eyelashes are a great alternative to the matte black lashes. They are more than a trend and are often used for many different hair- and skin types. As a result, women who prefer a natural effect love to wear them.

Because the color of the hair and skin definitely plays one of the most important values, brown lashes are always a great choice for women with lighter skin tones. They can easily match an individual skin tone and warm make-up much better for a charming beauty look.

2.Brown eyelash extensions creates a natural effect

Brown lashes can create a natural look. They add a highlight to every make-up and help your clients gain a lash look that brown mascara cannot. The use of brown lash extensions allows achieving a great natural classic look for your customers yet makes their eyes more charming and seductive.

The natural effect should be made with 7-12 mm long synthetic extensions. The chosen diameters should be close to the customer’s natural eyelashes. The natural effect creates a bright lash look with no need for the use of daily make-up. It is perfectly suitable for clients with weak and sparse natural eyelashes.


3.Brown eyelashes are suitable for almost everyone.

a.Blonde- and red-haired customers have lighter natural eyelashes and paler skin. Therefore, brown eyelash extensions play an important role in creating a more natural contrast. Especially light brown lash extensions offer a more natural transition than black ones do. In addition, brown classic and volume extensions will accentuate the beauty without dominating the light skin.

b.Mature clients over 50 years old

Most old women over 50 years old often struggle with thinner and weaker natural eyelashes. They have less hair and sometimes even with gaps. Brown eyelashes are a very good solution. They softly emphasize and refresh the look. In contrast to black eyelash extensions, brown lashes make it more expressive and areas with thin eyelashes more visible.

c.Clients who get fake eyelashes for the first time

Inexperienced clients often come with worries and many question marks. Depending on the skin and hair type, dark and light lash extensions help to create an effective highlight and maintain maximum naturalness. They can be perfectly combined with nude make-up. The special color eyelash extensions will bring every lash artist many happy and returning clients.

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