About ViViBelle Lash

Founded in 2019, VIVIBELLE LASH is a young boutique lash brand that is exploring lash extensions products.

We hope to create superior quality and user-friendly products to offer a wide variety of options for the infinite possibilities of eyelashes.

We specialize in manufacturing and exporting high quality professional eyelash extensions and related accessories.

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We are committed to sustainability and all of our lashes are made from SHYNEX PBT fibre material imported from Korea, refusing to use animal hair,Vegan &Cruelty Free🌱, ensuring that our lash products are high quality while also being Eco-friendly.

Our main products include :

Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions, Classic Lash Extensions, Premade Fans Lash, Easy Fan Lashes and Cashmere Ellipse Flat Lashes.

We also manufacture and sell related accessories such as lash glue, lash bonder, glue holder, tweezers and more!


We also supply professional private label and customized orders service. If you want do your own brand, VIVIBELLE Lashes will be your best partner to grow your business.

Up to now,

we provided services to many countries and regions, including North America, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Spain, Italy and other European countries. Our products have been applied in many beauty training schools, salon organizations, etc., and we have established long-term business partnerships.




We are passionate about creating high quality and eco-friendly lashes to support everyone who needs eyelash extensions.

We want to use eyelashes as a vehicle to create a world of discovering your own beauty.

Whether you’re a vibrant young lady or a hobbling old lady, or a gentleman with a pink heart who wants to try eyelash extensions, everyone has a choice in your own beauty and making your beauty look effortless!🌷

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