Colorful Lashes Are Back

Whether it’s a fiery pair of fringes or delicately coated tips, colored lash extensions are having a moment. It’s possible it all kicked off last year, when makeup artist Lauren B. Brown’s tweet showing off DIY purple falsies went viral. An appreciation for brightly hued eye adornment makes total sense: after dying our hair all shades of red and revisiting the allure of the bleached brow, usually neutral lashes were due for a creative update.

“Colorful lashes are definitely starting to trend again,” says Bianka Manderson, makeup artist and founder of Be Wispy, a curated line of reusable falsies ranging from black to more eye-catching shades like hot pink and a frosty white. “They help express creativity and individuality and are the secret to making eyes pop in a way that natural black lashes can’t.” If you’re looking to enhance green eyes, Manderson says that a purple or pink fringe can up the intensity or, for those with brown eyes, deliver that charmingly sweet doe-eyed effect. For added drama, Manderson likes to match a color eyeliner to her falsies of choice for a total monochromatic look. “It makes a huge difference! Give it a try and thank me later.”

While full-on pink glam is always going to make a bold statement, adding bits of color to a more natural looking lash is a great way to elevate your everyday beauty routine. “My most popular colorful service by far is adding a pop of color to the outer corner of a set of lash extensions,” says makeup artist Kimberly Boyd. “I call it a ‘flare.’ What makes this style so fun is that when a client come in every two to three weeks for lash fills, I can easily switch them to a new color of their choice.” A fan of The Lash Ritual’s eye-popping extensions, Boyd also likes to layer different colors on top of each other to create an ombre effect. 

If you’re on the fence about professionally applied lash extensions, you can achieve a similar affect with your favorite pair of falsies, concealer, and that shadow palette you’ve probably kept stored away since last summer.

“Grab your favorite lash and a richly pigmented, liquid eyeliner and simply coat the lash to achieve a very subtle wash of color,” says Manderson. “If you want a brighter, more opaque finish, switch out the liner for a colorful mascara or pomade. You can also achieve the look by using a white or a light concealer to coat the lashes followed by a few layers of eyeshadow to customize the color you’re looking for.”

But both artists agree that you’re going to need a little falsie assistance to get that major wow effect. “Lash extensions and falsies give a much more polished look than mascara, while also providing much more volume and length than any mascara ever could,” says Boyd. They also last longer and bypass the clumpy mess that can come with too many coats of mascara or shadow, Manderson adds, making them an easy way to mix up your beauty routine sans annoying cleanup.

Below, we’ve rounded up the products you’ll want to keep an eye on when you’re ready to take your lashes center stage.

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